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My contact page, and I chose a “healthy eating” picture at the top as I guess eating is one of the most critically important things we do to ourselves in either a good way, bad way or ok way. I aim to show you how to eat healthy and I have a good post on it with an interesting video here.

As this is my contact page I think it would be useful if I gave you my email address and it is

I do strongly believe that although eating the right foods is very important, it is also key to be healthy in mind, spirit and body. I am trying to be that person but it isn’t easy at all, there are so many temptations as we all know.

But we must all try to do our best, get to the right weight for that stage in our life, the right mindset and to be cool with it all. Otherwise overall health is not attainable. So try and read my posts, I will attempt to give you my view, a balanced and honest view I hope.

That’s all for now, thank you for showing interest, and good luck being healthy. And put some work in as nothing comes easy in this life. And that is the key word “life”, this is about your life, so take it seriously as I think it’s the only one you are going to have. 🙂 I may be wrong at that point…

have a happy and healthy life..

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