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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


The saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is so true but it is also in the eye of the beholder’s beauty herself or himself I would suggest. This leads me on to whether it is good to have simple or complex procedures done to improve your looks as your beholder thought you were beautiful but do you think you are beautiful?

I think that is the key point here.

Today surgery of the cosmetic variety is not only more popular than ever before but more attainable and more accepted in today’s society. And some people believe that cosmetic surgery is a science. The simple fact is this kind of surgery is simply about improving the appearance by changing the body. Some people think this is wrong. The view was it may cause heart attacks and can we really trust these people who want to operate on us?

Is it possible to actually make us who we want to be through cosmetic surgery?

My own opinion is, if people want to do this and have the money, then they should do it and be aware of the  potential consequences.

All the Cons

For myself I think it can be a little crazy but cosmetic surgery or dental work is great if done in moderation to enhance and not rebuild. A good example of this is teeth whitening, a non invasive procedure that brings happiness to a lot of people including me!!! I have personally used in the Doncaster area of the UK and it worked out great. That is another procedure with lots of pros and cons according to the press, but in my experience go for it, it really works well.

Before my conclusion, here is a short video “Life Is Beauty-Full Cosmetic Surgery Documentary”


I think in conclusion

Cosmetic surgery is so personal a decision but it has to be made with the right information from the right people or it could go badly wrong and we have all seen some of the horrific examples of it going wrong. I don’t think this kind of surgery is the wrong thing to do, you just have to be really careful as you only have 1 body…

We are all insecure in our own way and some of us our outward persona is everything and it has to be the best it can be to support the person. It really lifts people, quite literally.

Many of us have female friends who are self conscious about the size of their breasts and this is a very strong feeling, so some get breast augmentation or reduction and they say they feel like different people. There are many examples of small cosmetic procedures that change people’s lives in their own words. This cannot be a bad thing, just positive for the recipient.

Especially in a burns victim’s case or a mastectomy, these are quite obviously fundamental and have to be carried out.

We have hair colour change, ear piercing, there can be nothing wrong with that

The issue is when people become obsessive and things take a turn for the worst, as they can change their whole look and it affects them mentally and their friends and family’s attitude towards them. So you have to be aware of how far to go. It needs to be regulate somehow, but this is not possible i don’t think.

People sometimes need to be protected from themselves.

So the answer above “it depends” is a valid argument, it really does depend on the person, there are examples i have discussed that work and some that do not, it is down to the person, it really does depend.