Hello, welcome to my blog on health.

I will be writing about how to love a healthy lifestyle, not only from an eating perspective, even though that is very important but also from a mental health, physical health and spiritual health perspective.

This blog is mainly to educate me but hopefully to share some ideas and knowledge to you as well or even inspire you to write a blog yourself.

I am Stuart, I live in the UK with a small family and my lovely dog Sandy. We have a super house and live in a great little village.

Please get in touch if you wish , my email address is on my contact page.

I am new to blog writing but I will give it a good go, as I mentioned if you have any comments, please email me, they may be nice comments or critical or advice, any and all are welcomed. So go ahead and get the communicative juices flowing.

As this is my About page I shouldn’t go on about my contact page and emailing me.

So I will stop now and let you get on with your day. Thank you for reading my blog, well my About Page anyway. I do think it will be an interesting blog and it will be informative about being healthy and hopefully inspire or coerce you into looking after yourself a little better.

Information is a powerful thing. You may not take it up now but in the future you may, it doesn’t matter when.


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