Some items to lose and who cares?

Okay you can keep items that mean something to you from your past, family possessions that link to nice memories, or things that link or remind you of friends. All nice items that resurrect happy thoughts, this is all good and healthy for your mind and soul.

But crap you don’t even care about, things you have lot’s of and worst of ll stuff you never use and will never use. You just need to lose those items, man up or woman up and lose them, they clutter your home, your life, your mind and serve no purpose other than to clutter your mind. Clean away those items.

Always write a list, I do and it works, it helps focus you.

Here are some items i recommend you write on your list and then lose them.

  • Cups or mugs – Some strange people actually keep these items and even go out of their way to find new ones and save them, like some weird collection. Reasonable enough items and useful but how many do you actually use out of the 16+ mugs you have? The answer is 3 max, all your favorites the rest take up space in your mind and your home and ARE NOT USED!!!
  • Small Toiletries – Do you steal other people’s soap, conditioner, shampoo, cotton wool from hotels, motels. And do you hide then quickly in various bags as you think it’s stealing?Do you really need these stolen items? Do you really use them, or do they just dry up and you throw away later on any way? So why not  throw away and clear your mind?
  • Medicine’s that are old – You know the ones, those old medicines you have forget about and have dried up or the boxes look hundred’s of years old and are probably useless or potentially dangerous. And maybe not useful to you at all. So the idea is to cull or throw away if they are over 2 years out of date as you should not use them, the date is there for a reason.
  • Flower vessels – You collect these vessels and they seem to grow themselves around the place, I have called them vessels as the word “vase” is quite an old and weird to me. You would have received these from aunts, uncles, parents, etc And I bet most of them are not used, so find them list them and throw them!!
  • Containers – These precious items come in all shapes and sizes and you have collected, purchased, found, borrowed, been left them after a party, and I bet there are some other intriguing reasons. And I also would imagine you have lots of lids that may or may not fit the containers themselves. So guess what – yes throw the ones you never use and have multiple copies of.
  • Cheap party items – OK these puppies are the best, some of the most horrible, cheap, nasty looking things we all collect for good reason and then after the party is over, we hang onto. For no real reason, maybe just in case we have another 50th birthday or 1st anniversary or wedding!!! Please, please just throw away.
  • DIY/art stuff – Now people, you know who you are, you have reels and reels of tape, lovely fabric, lots of adhesives for gluing every single kind of material known to man and all that other stuff you have gathered over the years for various projects. And lots of it is useless as it was never stored properly, so list it find it and throw it.
  • Reading material – Not just books but magazines, news letters, handouts, manuals, print outs, you have them all and mostly out of date or never read and often will never be read. All those just in case I want to read an author who i have always disliked… These items are everywhere and grow each year and are rarely thrown away as they fall under the category of just in case. So a perfect case for reviewing their usefulness, listing and dumping, I would suggest or better give away to a charity who will find a good use for. And you will feel better too, its a win win.

Now once you have worked through this list of activities, you will need to actually get rid of these and other useless junk, you will either need to do it gradually or as i recommend get a junk removal company as I would imagine, once you get going, you will feel better and you will have enough stuff to fill a dumpster. So call your local junk removal team, we did recently and used Encinitas Junk Removal who were cool and very responsive to our needs, which were greater than we thought.

Good luck and happy hunting for those items, you really do not need, trust me. Here is to a less cluttered mind and soul.

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